"Access Restricted - Area 51"
Nevada State Highway 375, also known as the "Extraterrestrial Highway" skirts across the northern border of "Area 51." It is named such because of the high concentration of UFO sightings observed in the area. This is the final leg of my excursion (11/04/06 - 11/06/06) which started in Page, Arizona, through Ely, Nevada and now to Area 51, infinity and beyond...
The range where "...the aliens and antelope play...?" (Move cursor over photo. Who are they?)
The "Little A'Le'Inn" restaurant, bar, gift shop and motel in Rachel, Nevada welcomes earthlings. Try the "Alien Burger," I did. I don't know if the beef came from "alien mutilated cattle," but it was good.
I'm not sure if they can tow your car if it breaks down. But UFO's shouldn't have to worry.
Looking back at Rachel, it's the line of light and dark dots to the left of the highway in the center of the photo. It really is a very small community. This photo was taken about only two miles away.
This is the infamous "Black Mailbox" just off the highway on the road to Area 51. Conspiricy Theorists claim that it's a drop box for the top-secret installation. As you can see, it is white, not black. In a recent program on the Discovery or History channel about Area 51, in an interview with the mailbox's owner, Mr. Medlin, stated that he has to repaint his mailbox several times a year to cover the "UFO" and other graffiti left by (mostly terrestrial) visitors.
Just about a half of a mile from the "Restricted Area" you can see the "Cammo Dudes" vehicle off to the right. This photo is grainy due to being greatly enlarged.
This is it. The end of the line. The big hoopla. The sign at the edge of the "Forbidden Zone." The sign that states that "The Use of Deadly Force is Authorized" against anyone who trespasses beyond this point. Several miles beyond this point lies one of our countries most top-secret military bases. A base that the Federal Government refers to as a place that they "can neither confirm nor deny its existence." (Click here for satelite photos.) But, is so tightly secured that the order to "shoot to kill" any trespassers has been issued, AND THIS PIECE OF CRAP SIGN IS THE BEST THEY CAN DO?!!! Look at it, most of the letters of the "killing you" part are illegible. What a gyp!

I'll admit that this is not the best picture I could have taken. I did not get out of my car and walk closer. Remember the photo before this one of the "Cammo Dudes?" From this vantage, they are about one hundred yards away at about Two O'Clock, high. I was fifteen miles down a deserted dirt road about one hour away from sundown, and there was no other traffic going in or out... I thought it best to not press my luck.
Looking back down the dirt road leading to Area 51 from the highway. Yes, that dust trail is the one I left. I wasted no time getting out of there, afterall it was close to sundown, and that's when the UFOs start coming out for pillaging and abducting.
If I decide to go back, I'll make sure to get there earlier in the day so I won't have to rush to leave to avoid being abducted and taken aboard the mothership. I sure as hell don't want an anal probe, especially from an alien.
Thanks for stopping by. And, don't be afraid of visiting top secret military bases. Afterall, "Our government would never do anything to harm, or place in harm's way one of it's own loyal citizens." Now, pass the Kool-Aid please...
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