The Curse of the Kennedy's

May The Rest in Peace

May They Be Looked After

Rosemary Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy, Sr.'s daughter, Rosemary. She may have suffered from dyslexia. She spent her life in special schools and institutions so she would not be an embarrassment to the family. The times she was allowed home were frustrating for her. She couldn't compete with her siblings and would lapse into tantrums. In 1942, her father had her undergo a frontal lobotomy, thinking it would make her more sedate and manageable. The operation was bungled and she was permanently disabled. Years later the family claimed that she was born mentally retarded.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was an actress and sex symbol of the 1950's and 1960's until her death on August 05, 1962 from an apparent overdose of sleeping pills. It was alleged that she had affairs with both John and Robert. The day before her death, she allegedly threatened them with publicly exposing their relationships. The night before her death, Robert and a doctor were seen leaving her apartment. The next day she was discovered dead. Rumors were abound accusing both Robert and John of murdering her. Her official cause of death was listed as suicide. No charges were filed against anyone.

Marilyn's Vault

Mary Jo Kopechne

Mary Jo Kopechne was a campaign worker for Edward's bid for the presidency. Following a day of boozing that continued into the night, Edward was driving her home for the evening. Sometime after midnight on July 19, 1969 he lost control of his car and plunged it off a bridge in Chappaquiddick. Since he had been drinking like a fish, he apparently could swim like one too. He managed to escape the submerged vehicle and made his way home. About ten hours later, after he sobered-up, he reported the accident to the police. But, it was far too late for Mary Jo. Amid allegations of a cover-up, driving on an expired license and being intoxicated, Edward plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and was sentenced to two months imprisonment. Sentence was suspended.

Joseph II

On August 13, 1973 at Cape Cod, Robert F. Kennedy's son Joseph, II lost control of his SUV and rolled it. A female passenger onboard at the time received injuries that left her paralyzed for life. Little Joe was charged with reckless driving and fined $100.00.

Martha Moxley

On October 30, 1975 fifteen-year old Martha Moxley was murdered in her yard. She was beaten to death with a golf club. On June 07, 2002, twenty seven years later, Michael Skakel, nephew to John, Robert and Edward (The Trinity), was convicted of the murder and sentenced to twenty years to life in prison. (How did that happen? One didn't get away!)

Someone's New B****

Get ready to be someone's B**** until at least 2022.

William K Smith

William Kennedy Smith, another nephew of "The Trinity" was acquitted of the May 1991 rape of an unidentified woman.

These are the most publicized, and the most drastic examples of Kennedy Mens' treatment of women. If I were to list all the documented cases of cheatings, beatings and leavings, not to even mention drugs and alcohol... I doubt the list would ever end. The Kennedys, America's Royal Family, or a powerful crime syndicate that preys on society and then buys itself out of trouble? Judge for yourself.


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