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All That Counts is to Get the Photo
Photographer Kevin Carter (South Africa) won the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for his photo of a starving Sudanese girl being stalked by a vulture. By his account, he heard a high-pitched wimpering and saw that a little girl had collapsed while trying to make her way to a feeding center. He carefully positioned himself to not frighten the vulture, and waited for 20 minutes, hoping the bird would spread it's wings (for a more dramatic effect?) He tired of waiting and took the picture. He then chased the bird away and watched as the starving girl continued her trek.

He offered her no assistance, no water, no food, nothing. But, he did at least chase away the vulture before he retired to the shade of a tree to light up a cigarette. No one knows the fate of the little girl. But, Kevin Carter committed suicide several months later from depression over the death of a colleague and friend.

Judge him if you must. But, by what appears to be the creed of photojournalists; "Screw compassion. Screw humanity. Screw everything and everyone... JUST GET THE SHOT! and make a name for yourself." he achieved the ultimate goal of journalists: Demagogue.